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Custom Built Guitars, 'Build Your Own' (BYO) Guitar Tuition

Guitar Maintenance, Customisation & Repair Services

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Maintenance / Customisation / Repairs

MG-GUITARS - is an artisan guitar-build and professional services business featuring the work of Michael Gough, Cheshire, UK.

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Michael takes time to assess his customers' requirements seeking to understand their musical and playing idiosyncrasies and aspirations in order to get the most out of their guitars.  


Maintenance/Repairs: Most things are possible, and some more probable than others.  The journey normally starts with a detailed inspection of the instrument - particularly the condition of the neck and its truss-rod, the nut, the frets, and the bridge/saddles.  This would generally point towards Basic Maintenance (aka, setup - including truss rod, action and intonation adjustment ) or Advanced Maintainance (i.e. fret dress, nut adjustment, cleaning of electrics etc).


Customisation can come in many forms - common hot-rodding might include - replacement pickups, electrical circuits (or part thereof), advanced switchcing options, tuners/ bridges upgrades, etc.  Check out the Fender Classic Player '50's Stratocaster below - rebuilt with original re-issue neck, and Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups - yes the very same found on the recent USA Deluxe Strat.

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Repairs may also lead to upgrades, particularly in classy mid-price instruments from the likes of Epiphone.  Here is an Epiphone Emperor undergoing customisation to install a pair of P90's.   Plays and sounds great!

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Custom Built Guitars

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